Monday, 17 October 2016


Today I enjoyed the holidays, the past 2 weeks on Monday I wake up early sometimes I go and have a run when I came back I clean the house and wash the dishes I turn the music on so I can enjoy and clean. My brother helps a little bit but my sister she helps a lot when.

We finish cleaning I go for a shower when I got out I got changed and my mum said put some good clothes on because we a going to the movies to watch something. When we left the house i was happy but when we got there all the tickets were sold and and i was not impressed, but when the man said there were more tickets in the box, he gave it to us and i was very happy.

When we finished watching the movie we went to have a dinner at the burger King after that i was full. Later on we went to my brothers house and my little nephew was very happy to see me.

My sister in law said can you put him to sleep because he likes watching us playing the game, when he laid down he was falling to sleep and I enjoyed playing the game with my family.



Danni Stone said...

Hi Miami,
I love how you have expressed joy through the little things that we can do. You could have had the character winning the lottery or going to Rainbows End etc, but you have explained how spending time with our family and exercising can bring us joy. Wonderful thinking!

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