Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Science Intensive

Science Intensive / Room 7Last week we had Science Intensive and we started off in our class. Our topic is house insulation. We had the opportunity to make our own house using different things like Lego, cardboard, paper, and sumo paint. Science Intensive / Room 8Room 8 we learned about the 3 states of matters. Liquid, solid, and gas. After we made Chocolate and we had to wait until it was completely dry then we could eat it, but when we were eating it there was nothing left for Loto.                               Science Intensive / 9Room 7 went to room 9 to have science Intensive the next day. We learnt about earthquakes. We had to build a house that could hold a bag of sand and we were split into 5 groups me and my group built a very funny house when we finished Mrs Sigamoney came to our house when she dropped it our house broke down but we knew we won.                                      Science Intensive / 10Today we learnt about Fire Safety and Fire Hazards. We had to pick a partner to work with and  I picked Salesi. We worked hard and fast and we got through it. We had to make a poster and we made an amazing one and we finished all of our work Thank you.


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